Shoppers Rescue Teens from Streets with InfluenceTV Purchases

Los Angeles, CA (November 21, 2012) – – Shoppers can rescue Emancipated Teens from being dropped off on the streets when the Foster Care money ends at 18 years old. After hundreds of Foster Homes, teens are left with no money, nowhere to go, many times on Skid Row to fend for themselves. They are targets for pimps, gangs, sex traffickers, or drug dealers. Now Shoppers can help provide a safe home for these lost children.

5,000 available products can be purchased on ( giving Shoppers who care about others the opportunity to donate a portion of their purchase to a life-saving Cause. This does not cost the shopper a single penny more because all of the products have been discounted by manufacturers, leaving a portion of every sale to support a specific Cause.

Emancipated Youth, a dedicated housing program of The Dream Center, offers a safe home to begin this difficult transition from spending a childhood being transferred to hundreds of Foster Care homes to stability with training for adult life.

“People would be surprised to know how awful the Foster Care system has become, leaving teens confused, angry, and without hope or direction,” said Dr. Michael K. Clifford, Chairman of “The Dream Center is making a real difference in Los Angeles. We are calling on Shoppers to buy their everyday household goods from InfluenceTV designating a portion of the purchase to rescue these future Americans. Make a difference in someone else’s life then you will make a difference in your own life.”

ABOUT INFLUENCETV.ORG is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to change the way America spends money shopping. Through its content-rich video-centric website, shoppers can buy goods and services they use every day while designating a portion of the purchase price specifically to the Cause or charity that they want to help.


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