Acupuncture and Your Sleep Problems

Your unique sleeping habits are assessed to offer you a customized acupuncture treatment so that you can get the best positive results for your specific needs.

A lot of people suffer from sleep disorders and problems. Your daily routine has become so hectic and tight that it has become difficult for you to sit down and relax and get a good night’s sleep. In the absence of a good sleep, you likely wake up tired and try quite hard to manage to focus throughout the day at work. This results in more stress and inability to sleep properly at night. Turning to acupuncture can surely help your sleep problems. Irrespective of for how long you might be suffering from sleep problems, acupuncture is definitely the answer for your disorder.

Acupuncture For Your Sleep Problems – How Does It Work?

Listed below are various ways in which acupuncture in La Jolla, CA treatments help with your sleep problems:

  • Your unique sleeping habits are assessed to offer you a customized acupuncture treatment so that you can get the best positive results.
  • The customized treatments and sessions will certainly help you in relaxation, thus leaving your body less tense.


  • The acupuncture treatment will take all your symptoms into consideration.
  • Our acupuncture treatments stimulate the release of your natural endorphins, which can reduce stress.
  • You can discuss all your apprehensions related to the therapy with your professional acupuncturist to get more comfortable during the therapy sessions.


How safe is Acupuncture in Dealing with Sleep Problems?

Saying yes to acupuncture to deal with your sleep problems is quite safe and effective. One apprehension might be related to the fear of needles that are used during the treatment. However, the needles used are extremely fine and because of this can cause only a minute sensation at the time of inserting them into your body. Moreover, these needles are never reused or shared among different patients and are disposed of right after each therapy session. The only careful step from your side is to find a certified and experienced acupuncturist for more effective results.

3 Additional Reasons to Consider Acupuncture

Getting tension headaches or migraines? Various researches have indicated the significance of acupuncture in reducing the severity and frequency of headaches either practiced alone or combined with prescribed medications. Acupuncture in La Jolla, CA works to alleviate the frequency and severity of your headache symptoms by treating your brain’s neural pathways and also by changing your brain’s limbic system’s activity thereby controlling your sensitivity to pain.

Having lower-back, knee, shoulder, or neck pain? Acupuncture sessions can aid in easing certain physical pain such as including shoulder, back, knee and neck pain. Acupuncture can also prove to be very effective at relieving lower back pain as compared to some of the usual treatments, including drugs.

Having reproductive issues? Acupuncture can enhance the blood flow to your uterus thus giving a supporting environment for egg implantation. It also reduces stress and depression. Both of these factors are essential for you if you are trying to conceive.

The key is to find a certified and experienced acupuncturist that can guide you all through your acupuncture sessions for best results.





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